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Memories ,found a letter written in 2012


Here is an introduction to Echoes in the Valley 

We are in the beginnings of setting up the Gatton demonstration farm and plan on teaching the locals and interested bodies ,a different concept that includes living a sustainable existence and which does not include burning off every year.

Echoes in the Valley is a 160 acres situated on the side of a mountain or 2 and facing the Darling ranges 17 kilometres from Gatton, Queensland.

The weather here is warm temperate to subtropical and everything just seems to grow on its own as long as there is some water about...(I remember once putting in a passionfruit vine which was left as we could not be on the farm to return and see an enormous vine in its place.)

Our land is rehabilitated land from overgrazing (usual story) but after having been left to spell for 5 years (with the neighbours cows frequenting it on occasion to graze grass down and add some lovely nitrogen paddies) it now has many acacias ( legume trees )and pioneer species of brigalow through regeneration and a long list of many other species discovered and recorded by Land for Wildlife when they came and perused the property to assess it for approval (which we now have) as there is a wide range of wildlife and pioneer species of plants.

Some of the wildlife we have off the top of my head are:

Barn owls, Pretty face Wallabies (common name), pythons, scorpions, falcons , honey eaters, many species of butteflies .

As the list of species is long and the names even longer I will write another story with these full details and photos in the near future as we have now also received our Wildcare licence .

To date we have set up a sea container living area consisting of 3 containers . these have been made into 5 bedrooms as well as a stone room using the rocks collected from the property.

A wonderful permaculture friend Andy Dawson has just added a rocket stove that incorporates an oven and bakes amazing cakes and bread. This centres between all the sea containers and will eventually heat water also. (awaiting to connect pipes)

Our new compost toilet consisting of 2 toilets complete with amazing 360 degree views has just been completed by an amazing english artist/musician Rick Jones and wife Emma.

Our small wind generator feeds wind into our 3 kva solar system. 

During the previous cyclones that devastated queensland and the Lockyer valley area both in January and on Australia Day we experienced with the first flood of 112 mill then second one of 101 mill.

Lucky for us and our poor road we had placed swales of 90 cm width by 80 cms deep .

With a 4 tonne excavator and a lot of contour work and design and a few backpackers we managed to get 5 swales on the bank that faces the road (which at one point all the rain was washing down and damaging the banks and road ) making our road unusable by 2 wheel drive.

With the use of the swales and berms we now have a thriving food forest and accessible road and we are now planning another lot of swales ( 2 this time as well as a large dam) .

So discussion with excavator drivers has been long and tedious .The aim is to stop the collapse of another section of banks and to harvest the water for more food forest thus also saving part of another road and access to another area of the farm.

We have also just begun our animal systems as we have been living fully on the farm for 9 months. So a chicken coop made from earthbags with dirt used from the grey water system we are presently building with our friend Lachlan Turner , that consists of 5 ponds.

We have begun to mud the bags and this project will be finalised by the time you have read this.

The first pond being made of charcoal , sand and rocks , this then goes into a second pond , third and fourth pond that consists of reeds and mussels then into the 5th pond being a pond for wildlife.

The dirt dug from these ponds has been used to make the earthbags to the chicken house and we have as well completed the construction of 2 chicken runs that will be turned into gardens on a rotation basis.

Along with that system i have purchased some electric sheep fencing and electric chicken fencing to use one of my mentors methods (Joel Salatin of Polyface farms) to improve the degredaded landscape.This is in our near future goals for rebuilding soil through animal systems and income producing, once the next dams have been established.

Compost teas and composts have been made continuously in the last 9 months,as well as use of sawdust, banana leaves ,cardboard and leaves from the acacia trees and woodchips made from our fallen trees. 

Our most famous being the pumpkin compost where we obtained 5 tonne of pumpkins with our 6 by 5 trailer and many trips to a local vegetable farmer. I turned it with the tractor on numerous occasions and had wonderful result after enduring nice smells of rotting pumpkins and numerous flies that even the 18 chickens could not keep up with. (Have since found out through studies of Polyface farm we should have locked the chickens close to the compost to eat the larvae) lesson learnt....

We are also lucky enough to have a bio fertilizer producer nearby who brings us azotabacter (microorganisms) as well as super kateck organic fertilizers and biodynamic seaweed fertilizer powder which we occasionally use.

We are now applying for our organic certificate , so should hopefully be certified within 3 years.

We- we are a couple of permaculture certified individuals along with backpackers, wwoofers and friends who contribute their time and effort due to their passion and commitment to the land and environment.

In finishing this story, I have written to demonstrate to you that:

I believe one can only teach by doing , so myself and friends have committed ourselves to make this property a demonstration through our input , as people are visual creatures and believe more of what they see,it is important to show people that we can make a change through permaculture, some effort, some learning and lots of doing they can be a benefit to themselves and their surrounding environment.

on threequarters of an acre which ended up with 5 swales due to the slope . the first and last swales were 80 wide and the middle ones 60 wide.

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We are presently setting up a Curiosity shop

Great views from the house of the Great Dividing Range

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we have antiques


We. Are setting up a camping area and presently need help with it

Thats kitchen and showers if you can help we would appreciate it

we have a abundance of great wildlife


the types of wildlife we have are pretty face wallabies,  goannas, wrens, quail, scorpions, bandicoots

We welcome people that want to be a part of our permaculture property


Do you want to bring your tiny house to live and be a part of this permaculture property. We certainly could use a beekeeper, chicken tractor and feathered friend herder/keeper.

Theres definitely space for someone 

We offer different healing services too

Want to get fit and help a farmer all at the same time???
Volunteer your time

Francine has Diplomas in Massage, Reflexology, Reiki ,Aromatherapy and Counselling

Our Bodi s Curiosity shop is well worth the drive

About Us

we care about saving water, wildlife and recycling


Living in a dryland area we have learnt to recycle water including our greywater and urine on our plants.

Nothing is wasted , the less you waste the more the earth and You benefit.

WE LOVE TO design of vegetable gardens and fruit tree orchards, windbreaks, and involve farm plans which could include space for cattle production, bush land regeneration and land conservation.



tHere are 12 permaculture design principles, which are are offered as "thinking tools" - when they are used together WE design their use AND of the use of the environment in a thoughtful and sustainable way




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