A great Permaculture Farm in Gatton

There are 12 permaculture design principles, which are are offered as "thinking tools" - when they are used together, then can allow anyone to design their use of the use of the environment in a thoughtful manner  

permaculture, is not just organic farming - the ideology should in practise means harmonious integration of environment and people , providing their food, shelter, and energy in a sustainable way

This we aim to do on a daily basis at Echoes in the Valley .

Some of our antics on the farm

Based on our farm education and learnings/ teachings

Echoes in the Valley 4 years later

The property was a overgrazed acreage of a abundance of weeds with minimal trees.

It has changed  already in such little time

It is important to look after the soil

Using all the nutrients you can find

Natural soil microorganisms

And how effective microorganisms help

Slideshow of Echoes

Just a little capper of events