No upcoming events.

Workers/Help Needed

Volunteer or WWoofing


4 hours a day 7 days or 8 hours a day 3 and a half

Mainly gardening unless you are interested in an other area

Workers Required


Must have skills

Skills we require are excavating and Bulldozer work



solar pump installation


Caretakers required


To help with maintenance of tools

gardening and animal care and general roust about

can offer accommodation , food and free electricity

About Us

We are also interested in share farming

Some great businesses that oculd be started here with more capable loving hands are

chicken farmin/ egg farming


worm farming

and many other lists I could go on for hours with

If you want to escape the boring city life and wish to try your hand at self sufficiency and create a income too

Then give us a shot,

but remember no drugs allowed or alcohol consumption.

Farming is a full time job and can be quite intensive too .

However it is a healthier alternative to living a unhealthy life caught in the city trp.

Come for 2 weeks

If we work out we ll develop a project and make it a reality through team work.